We are glad to inform you that have been listed on Brave Browser Rewards. Starting today , 20 July 2019 , all members who will install Brave Browser and Tip us will receive this rewards monthly. For each BAT Token sent will receive 20 Doge.

1. If you are not installed already Brave Browser , click this link , download and install this Browser:
2. After you install Brave Browser , all new users will receive BAT tokens , $5 in BAT tokens , who can send as TIP for Brave Publishers.
3. After you install Brave browser , open this link in Brave and follow this steps , as you will see in next pictures
1. Click the red triangle
2. Click ,, Send a TIP ,,
3. Chose what amount you wish to TIP us . For 1 Bat you will receive 25 Doge , for 5 Bat you will receive 125 Doge and for 10 Bat you will receive 250 Doge
4. After you TIP us , Click on Right Corner ,, Customize and control Brave ,, button  and select Brave Rewards
5. In order to send your Reward , you must make a printscreen from Brave rewards TIPS , with your TIP sent to , and send an email at

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