Dear Users,

Yesterday , a very disappointing news has been communicated 😢 will be discontinuing the majority of it's services source:

I have decided , that payments will be sent normally to  

⚠️ until 30 November , 18:00 server time .  ⚠️

After that we won't support anymore payments. Remember , you can request withdraws for until 30 November,

We already start to find another way to process your payments. But , payments will be made directly to your Dogecoin wallet address.

We want to add automatic payments , but we must wait until we find a wallet with low fees.  have huge fees , 12 Doge for each transaction.

Minimum amount to withdraw for Dogecoin wallet address will be set to 100 Doge

We will announce you when future updates will come.

Don't worry ! will keep doing like always , none will stop us 🚀

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