Greetings guys ,

As I posted in my last blog , since will close his services in December we have tested other micro wallets and we are very disappointed. 

Expresscrypto is out of our plans. This site is full of errors , no necessary documentation and an ignorant admin. This micro wallet can be a scam anytime. 

KSWallet looks to be an option . We don't know for sure but we have in plan to use their services. Click here and create an account to

⚠️ Starting 30 November faucethub payments will be disabled ⚠️
Minimum amount to withdraw will be set to 100 Doge , payments will be processed directly to your Doge wallet address. There is a 12 Doge Fee for each transaction ( fee). Why we can't use other wallet with low fees ? Because they don't support automatic payments ( API documentation) 
As I told you payments will be set to automatic , you won't have to wait for my confirmation.

Doge payments will be set to your Doge Wallet address until we figure out what micro wallet is safe and good to use for our faucet

New changes will come :

1. 10% bonus for all deposits you make to Purchase Balance (bonus will be added also to purchase balance ) . Deposits will be checked daily so can take up to 24 hours to be validated in your account

2. Faucet Roll will be set to 10 or 15 minutes (instead 60 minutes) In order to unlock faucet Roll you will need to complete 1 shortlink  after each Faucet Roll
Disclaimer: for Shorlink contests : if you will complete before the shortlinks and they are no more shortlinks you won't be able to unlock the faucet . Keep in mind

3. Offerwall Rewards will be increased with 10%

4. Automatic Payments

5. Support will be online from Monday to Friday , from 10:00 AM to 16:00 PM ( Eastern European Time (EET), UTC +2 )

6. Happy Hours : Tuesday & Friday  from 13:00 to 15:00 Eastern European Time (EET), UTC +2 ) Faucet Roll will be doubled

7. Membership plans will be changed , different prices , different earnings

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