Starting today , 30 November we won't support anymore deposits or withdraws.

All requested payments until 30 Nov 2019 - 11:55 server time completed .

Payments will start to work normaly after 15 December and they will be automatic.

On 1st and 2nd of December , shortlinks , faucets rewards could not be available so don't start to complain. I have warned before. All users who will complain , won't receive an warning , will be instantly banned from chat permanently.

After this 2 days you would be able to earn again normally .

We will try to edit all shortlinks , and put Disclaimer on each of them.

People should be warned before they click the shortlink.

Shortlinks rewards will be increased , Offerwall rewards will be increased , we will add more ptc ads , minimum amount to deposit will be lowered, some shortlinks will be eliminated due pending payments or they are SCAM. Some of them cheat people. They say they count 3,4 or 10 clicks but in reality they count only 1.

We must optimize our website , and remove all inactive users , Proxy/vpns history and so on.

We will make some changes .

Future payments , starting 15 December will be sent directly to your Dogecoin wallet address .

Minimum amount to withdraw will be set to 100 Doge

Remember: payments will be set to automatic , in that case you will be charged with 12 Doge for every transaction you make.

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