Hello guys!

I am new owner, I am happy that this site is not closed.

I'm a fan of Dogecoins, that's why I bought the site despite the fact that a new site would cost me less snf if it supported BTC so I would probably also get more users and more revenue. But Dogecoin is a heart matter.

I have decided not to reset the balance of users, even though it was announced in advance!  Sadly, there are bad people among you. Instead of being happy that the page didn't end, they immediately found a bug and tried to use it. For example - wrong ad prices. Never mind, I'm not naive, I have those on the list and I will watch them all the more :-) Their stupidity if they reported me a mistake, they could get more than a few clicks.

What already works:
Faucet - no shortlinks before faucet and faster timer!
Withdrawals - Yes, the most important function. I will try to make payouts every day. But keep in mind that you can wait 2 days at the weekend.

What comes next?
- new offerwalls
- Gradually more paid ads
- I would like to add instant payouts in the future, but this is not yet possible. I must first see that everything works.
- guide for new users
- redesign + new banners

Have a nice weekend!


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