Hello claimers!

The page has a few changes and modifications. The goal was to unify the look of DogeBitsFree and CoinAdster more. Both sites will continue to have some different features and options. I expect more different functions in the future. But the user interface should be very similar so that it is not confusing.
What has changed:
- modification for mobile phones - I believe that the site is now more user-friendly on mobile phones. We have more than 60% access from mobile phones.
- The logo is now just a small icon, I don't see the point in big signs and big pictures.
- advertising menu removed, may not be on every page, advertisers will find everything they need on the advertising page.
- faucet site went through a diet
- popup ad is now only on the faucet (I'm testing)
- Adgem offers rewards increased
- Add sales banner ads at fantastic prices! 3 days banner on faucet page for 500 Dogecoins! With more banners sold, we will add more ad slots and reduce some external ads. The banner is rotating, but I guarantee thousands of views!
- more offerwalls, we are working on adding more offerwalls to DogeBitsfree and CoinAdster
- homepage redesign - yes I know, now its not perfect :-))

If you have some issue - contact us on Telegram or via e-mail, not in comments here. Thanks for understanding!

Btw. We are on Telegram:

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